Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kellys Closet - Free Shipping on $35 order

If you are new to cloth diapers, Kelly's Closet is a great resource as each diaper is clearly shown and Kelly lets you know which diapers need covers with the small blue diaper "needs cover" picture on the fitted diapers pages. In addition, I love reading about other Mom's experiences with cloth diapers in the Diaper Whisperer Blog.

Today and tomorrow (May 20th and 21st), get free shipping on all orders $35 or more at Kelly's Closet. Usually free shipping is at $99 Use code: FACEMAY at checkout. I ordered a Bum Genius two pack since everyone seems to love the Bum Genius diapers for overnight wear. So I figured I better build our stash up as we have a long way to go with diapers.

Shipping from Kelly's Closet is pretty fast and you will have your diaps in no time.

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  1. I used disposable diapers with all of my girls. I didn't know anyone who used cloth diapers... but, then I met my friend Victoria who uses cloth diapers. She also has this obsession. :) Well, I've been babysitting a little for her until the end of the school year and what do you know? I'm SOLD on cloth diapers! I can't believe how fun and cute they are and how EASY they really are! :) Fun blog!