Thursday, April 30, 2009

gDiapers - Another Diaper Alternative

I was intrigued when I heard about the gDiaper System. It's for us Green & Crunchy Moms. The people at the gDiaper Company created a two piece system. Basically, it's a diaper cover with a inner material which breaks down easily. I like the shape they take when you stuff them with the insert. Plus, the diaper covers are cute too! Another bonus is that Toys R Us is selling them.

It's like a cross between cloth and disposable diapers. I was intrigued, but my money conscious side didn't want to pay to have the whole system and for it not to work. So I bought a small set for $20 from It even included the stick to swizzle in the toilet (EEEWWW). See I'm that not crunchy yet! But it doesn't matter because I can throw the gDiaper insert out in the garbage and it will break down.

When it gets here and I've had a chance to evaluate it, I'll let ya know what I think! And if I don't like the inner part of the gDiaper, I'll go here and get some inserts for it! Look how cute!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wahmies - One Size Cloth Diapers

Besides Wahmies Diapers being one size and looking very cute, there was a deal on a few sites for a free Wahmies wetbag with the purchase of a wahmies diaper (plus free shipping) so I decided we should try one.

When I received the diaper and wetbag, I was a little taken back. The hooks on the diaper are similiar to what's on a bra. They are fine to do during the day, but a little much for at night. And I thought they might be a bit too much for my husband too as he is used to the snaps and velcro. I stuffed it with a Wahmies insert and thought that the Wahmies diaper had a nice feel.

I'm kind of glad we only tried one because it leaked. EWWW! I haven't had any of the other cloth diapers leak so I was a bit surprised. Now maybe I didn't do something in connecting it right or maybe our baby doesn't have chubby legs. So after washing it, the Wahmies are at the end of my stash and I am thinking of trying it one more time or trading it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bargain Sites Online - Drybees Organic Diaps

If you are looking for quality deals for baby and Mama online, I highly recommend taking a daily stop at Baby Steals and Mama Bargains. Each Day these two sites offer Moms a chance to get a deal one one item until it sells out. Baby Steals updates Monday to Friday at 9:00 MST (mountain standard time), while MamaBargains does it randomly.

BabySteals seems to sell out inventory fast. When I have been able to get in on a deal from Baby Steals, it ships very fast. The last deal I got was on DryBees Gone Natural Bamboo Diapers (2 for $24) - they are incredible cloth diapers that are usually $20 each. If you miss a deal on Baby Steals, don't worry, the items do return at a later date!

Mamabargains has an equal amount of great deals, but their shipping is slower. The thing I like about Mamabargains is that they have a larger inventory of items and they also change the deals faster.

They sell the items reduced at 50% or more off the cost. I picked up some sleepers by Grobags, some fancy bibs, a changing pad and a stroller cover. Good luck in getting your deals. is also a great site to find good deals on diaper bags.

Happy April Fools (but these sites aren't a joke)