Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Invited a Neighbor to Go Walking & Over for Coffee

Yesterday, I read about Amanda from Proud Mommy of Four who attends storytime with her children and then has lunch with friends and their children weekly. Something clicked in me that I need to get out and do some things with other Moms.

We moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan and things are a lot slower paced here. I stopped working and I don't get to interact with my old friends from work. I don't know my neighbors and most don't seem like they want to know me. Isn't that terrible? I mean, I say hello and they sort of nod, but that's it.

So I like to exercise everyday and powerwalk with the baby in the stroller. Today, I invited another Mom who lives two blocks down the block. I noticed her with her stroller and just asked her if she was heading down to the shore. She nearly jumped at me and was like "let's go." Her name is Mona and she has a 9 month old daughter. She's a year younger and also a Manhattan transplant. Mona told me that she sees me everyday and meant to say hello, but that I passed her too fast. Anyway, she said that she would love to go a few times a mornings a week. After our walk, I invited her and her cute baby upstairs. It was nice to sit and have coffee.

Not feeling so lonely today! :) And I won a Planet Wise wetbag from
Proud Mommy of Four it was a great day.

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