Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Good Mama is having a sale

Everyone seems to love The Good Mama's Cloth diapers - they are thought of as the Mercedes fo cloth diapers. Even the resale value on these diapers is pretty high because she only makes a limited number of these super cute diapers.

They are expensive and this weekend they are having a sale $30 off $100. But if you go over $100 you get free shipping.

Edit: When hubs called and said he wasn't going to be here and he said I could get some Good Mama's for a Mother's Day gift if that's what I really wanted. I DO! Yep I dazzled by these diapers!


  1. When I hear about diapers, I remember my two little boys. My first is only a year and 9 months old and my second is a newborn, only 3 weeks old. I always buy diapers! LOL!
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