Thursday, May 7, 2009


I know Fuzzibunz seems to be Bum Genius' competition, but when I purchased my original stash, I wasn't sure which one I needed - they had a Perfect size and another type. I also wasn't sure how to do the inserts. I think I felt a bit threatened by these little diapers. Look they lined up like an army - all in solid colors and not so inviting. Look:

So what if I was scared of the little diapers? I was scared of the poop too!

Then Fuzzibunz came out with the One Sized diaper and I looked at them again. Many Moms wrote about their excellent absorbency. Yet, I still didn't purchase one and I don't know why.
So now I see that the Soft Cloth Bunz shop has a special for 3 Fuzzibunz diapers plus 6 inserts and shipping for $53.75 This looks like a great deal and you know I love my deals, but I haven't jumped on it and I don't know why.

My husband will be away for the weekend so maybe I will order when I am lonely.

Am I missing out that I haven't tried a Fuzzibunz?

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