Thursday, April 30, 2009

gDiapers - Another Diaper Alternative

I was intrigued when I heard about the gDiaper System. It's for us Green & Crunchy Moms. The people at the gDiaper Company created a two piece system. Basically, it's a diaper cover with a inner material which breaks down easily. I like the shape they take when you stuff them with the insert. Plus, the diaper covers are cute too! Another bonus is that Toys R Us is selling them.

It's like a cross between cloth and disposable diapers. I was intrigued, but my money conscious side didn't want to pay to have the whole system and for it not to work. So I bought a small set for $20 from It even included the stick to swizzle in the toilet (EEEWWW). See I'm that not crunchy yet! But it doesn't matter because I can throw the gDiaper insert out in the garbage and it will break down.

When it gets here and I've had a chance to evaluate it, I'll let ya know what I think! And if I don't like the inner part of the gDiaper, I'll go here and get some inserts for it! Look how cute!

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